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Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Slightly More Normal Today!

Just read my last post back, and realised it does read like the insane ramblings of a mental person who's been sniffing nail varnish. Sorry. (I wasn't sniffing nail varnish, or anything else, just so you know. Just tired and talking nonsense) Back on Planet Earth now, i think. I'm not really less tired (4.40 am wake up), but have had a very nice day. The Baby has been quite nice, I made an almost completely successful risotto, and had a nice lunch with some friends and their babies. The babies all sat chatted to each other and tried to eat each other's socks, while us mammies sat around comparing useless husband stories. It seems all men have a blind spot when it comes to stuff that doesn't live in the middle of the floor.

I actually just felt a little bit guilty writing that, as Husband is currently in the kitchen, washing up the 7 million pans and utensils I felt it necessary to utilise in making my risotto. And he is getting much better with tidying stuff. It's only taken several years of nagging. But as I am constantly telling him, if he listened and obeyed the first time, I wouldn't have to nag, would I?


  1. So it takes several years for things to sink in, bugger! that means I have a while to go then :-)

  2. Yup, we've been together for nearly 10 now, and I'm just getting there!