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Friday, 12 March 2010


This evening, I are mostly sitting on my arse, ignoring the mess the house is in, eating half a Galia melon in lieu of tea, and debating extended breastfeeding on (why oh why will these women not accept that we don't all want to breastfeed our children until they are 7, put them in cloth nappies, only give them wholesome, homemade finger foods, and get up with them 14 times a night for the rest of their lives???).

I seem to have mostly got over my horrid horrid cold, which is good. Thanks very much to lovely Husband, who took The Baby away, and my lovely parents, who came over and played with The Baby, and then bought me sticky toffee pudding. I think that may have been what cured me.

So yes, felt sufficiently well to trundle off to see people today, including my gorgeous but quite, quite mental nephews - the eldest seems to be developing quite a talent for modern interpretative dance. Also saw my two best friends and their baby bumps, and had a nice long lunch discussing prams and baby names. They're both having girls which is good, boys' names are boring as.

Ooh, and some news from MobilityWatch - we've got crawling! She's really not very good at it yet, and seems not entirely happy about doing it, and still launches herself backwards by accident quite a lot, but she is definitely getting better by the day. We also had some bum-shuffling today, without me noticing. I looked up and she was suddenly a foot further away from me. And very pleased with herself too. Really must buy some baby-proofing equipment. The Health Visitor is coming next week, and she might not be impressed with the amount of sharp corners, loose wires and other lovely exciting things that lie around for The Baby to hurt herself on. Ah well, how else will she learn about danger?!

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