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Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Still a Domestic Goddess...

More of the house got cleaned today! Yay me. Especially one of the bathrooms (I used to think it was posh to have more than one bathroom, now I realise it's just more toilets to clean), as it had my rage at HSBC vented upon it. They have charged me £23 for going £23.31 overdrawn for one day! Grr. Might go into a branch and yell at someone tomorrow. Someone that works there, not just a random customer.

Anyway, yes, been good again today, and have even drafted Husband into the effort, seeing as how he had an unexpected day off today. We now feel quite smug and proud of ourselves. We did have a bit of domesticity fail at teatime though - I asked him to heat up a tub of chicken dinner for The Baby's tea. I came down to the kitchen to be told "Your chicken dinner looks like mash", at which I got in a huff and told him in a very affronted tone of voice that I was sorry my cooking didn't match up to his high standards of presentation. On closer inspection, it turned out it was actually, in fact, mash, which I had put into a tub and not changed the label on it. The Baby still ate it. Which is not surprising as she has eaten EVERYTHING today. Went for lunch with a friend and her baby today, and The Baby wolfed down a rice cake, a jar of pasta and half a banana (and then tried to get the other half of the banana and my chips), in the time it took the other baby to delicately nibble her way through one rice cake. She is a big pig. Can't think where she gets that from.

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