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Sunday, 21 March 2010

Bad Bad Bad Bad Bad Bad Mammy

I am only surprised I have not written this post sooner.

Picture the scene: Bad Mammy and The Baby are on the sofa. Bad Mammy is on the internet, again (for once, not on, although the irony would have been sweet), leg outstretched to pen in The Baby, who is happily playing at the other end of the sofa. Until The Baby decides to play Extreme DangerBaby, and fling herself forward, over my leg, and somersault onto the floor, landing on her head.

Bad Bad Bad Mammy, and Angry Angry Angry Baby.

She seems fine though. I always think if she's well enough to bawl her head off, she's ok.

But I am going to play with her lots and keep her all safe today, in penance for my rubbishness.

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