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Friday, 26 March 2010

Even Bigger Woo!

The Baby has had a completely injury-free day today! And only a very small number of tantrums too! Oddly, most of the tantrums were during meals. Most unlike her to object to being fed. She also had quite a significant one in Boots, I think she was bored with me trying to choose a lipstick. I don't blame her, I get bored of me trying to choose lipsticks too. I'm not very good at it, and I hardly ever have reason to put on make-up, but I have about 12 of those £5 off vouchers for No7, so I am damn well going to use one. Even if it means me spending money on something I neither need nor want, I have a voucher, therefore it will be a bargain, therfore the opportunity cannot be passed up.

Probably won't post at the weekend, we're going down to Stockton to visit family and friends. Husband's lovely mother has agreed to babysit, so we are going to go out, and I am also going to go watch Husband play drums (I certainly know where The Baby gets her talent for hitting stuff from). Yay. Hopefully I won't have to help carry any stuff. Or listen to any soundchecks. Yeah, I'm with the band. Rock on.

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