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Monday, 15 March 2010


Currently feeling all floppy and chilled. And confused as to why Mickey Mouse Clubhouse is on telly. The Baby has been in bed for 2 hours.

Very tired. The Baby is not sleeping brilliantly, and keeps wanting to play at 6am. Where she gets this morning-person thing from, I have no idea. She's been a bit horrid today. Also still cheeky. In Asda, she got bored of waiting for me to pack the shopping, so delved into my bag and pulled out the packet of rice cakes. For this piece of naughtiness.. she was given a rice cake. Well, it was very clever of her, I thought!. No wonder she's fat.

Watching a very funny repeat of Mock the Week - If 10% is the answer, is the question "How much blood does Amy Winehouse have in her blood?". Genius.

This is a very random post, I feel.

Health Visitor coming tomorrow. I'm not sure what they're checking at this one. Should probably clean the house a bit though. And put the bleach on a shelf or something.

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