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Friday, 5 February 2010

Big Brainfail.

I was going to write a post about baby websites, and particularly the rather scary world of the forums contained wherein. They are a wondrous source of information, advice and support, but they also (or rather, some of the women on them) scare me a little bit. As I have recently taken to posting on them (yet another thing to do whilst leaving my child to her own devices), and getting into some arguments with some of the aforementioned scary ladies (this is a side effect of starting this blog, it has mistakenly made me believe that the whole internets care what I think), I was going to write about why they scare me and the kinds of things I've come across on there.


I cannot seem to form a coherent sentence right now. I start thinking of what I want to say and then Husband will bring me a cup of tea, or I will realise that The Baby has flung herself sideways and that she is under a cushion, chewing on the Sky remote, and the end of the sentence will have vanished out of my head, never to return. Indeed, I probably was just about to write something here, but then The Baby started to wriggle under the tray on her new play ring, and now I have completely lost my train of thought. I believe this is what they call "baby brain". Would really love to know when it stops.

On a brighter note - I have just found out that I have another nephew! My brother-in-law's lovely wife has just given birth to their third son. Yay!

Not sure if I'll get to post over the weekend, so have a good one, everyone, and keep your fingers crossed for Husband.

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