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Thursday, 18 February 2010


Reasons to be cheerful, 1, 2, 3! The Baby slept through last night, I have managed to stay off parenting forums for almost 48 hours, and I HAVE HAD MY MOJITO!!! Finally! Husband and I have had the first of our monthly "date" nights, which was nice. Although we were geeky and didn't stay long, instead choosing to rush home and watch Masterchef. Oh yes, we make the most of our freedom.

We've had a nice day today, The Baby decided to be in a good mood, which is always nice when I am taking her to see other people. Although I must apologise to Sparkly Gem, for the scratch mark that The Baby put in her 5-week old son's head. Oops. And also must apologise to her clean-freak husband for the pureed spaghetti carbonara marks on their formerly pristine floor.

In other news, Husband has been alarming people by telling them he was mugged today. He was, but only for his sandwich. By a seagull. Really.


  1. Did she scratch him?! I clearly am extremely observant and did not notice. Oh well. And yes, he did notice the carbonara. And promptly got the windowlene out. But yes, you can come again.

  2. Your husband is in for the shock of his life when you start weaning.....