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Saturday, 13 February 2010

It's all about the Daddy.

I am feeling very unloved and unappreciated. This week, The Baby has decided that she wants to see Daddy, only Daddy, and will cry until she gets to see Daddy. Which has been very unhelpful these last couple of days, as Husband has been on nights and has been trying to sleep on a morning. Difficult when there is a howling little devil in the living room wondering where he is. Don't tell me that child doesn't know exactly what she's doing. I get a morning of utter, utter horribleness, building up into a scream that could wake the dead, or at least a very tired man, and Husband comes grumpily down the stairs to be greeted by huge, beaming, joyful grins and giant hugs. Hmph. It's alright for The Baby, she's not the one who then has to listen to him going "I'm tired mmmeeeuuhhhh" (that's a whining noise by the way) all day, making me feel like Bad Wife for letting her wake him up.

I have Bad Mammy guilt as well too, as I have let The Baby hurt herself, again. Twice. It's not my fault! She sits up so well now that I feel confident enough to leave her sitting in the middle of the carpet without a cushion behind or around her, as she will happily play on her own for ages. Until she gets a bit tired, forgets how to keep herself upright, topples backwards and smacks her head on the floor. Poor little Baby. Thank the Lord for "Incey Wincey Spider", which apparently has the power to make her forget that she is in pain, or hungry, or that she doesn't like have her face washed. Another song with similar magic properties is "Empire State of Mind". My baby is strange. Can't think where she gets it from.

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