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Friday, 12 February 2010

Tired Mammy

I am too tired to think of anything interesting to write today. The Baby decided to randomly shout out in her sleep every couple of hours last night, then try and convince me it was time to wake up at 4.22am. Then I have been to work on a "Keeping In Touch" day. It wasn't even a full day, and I didn't really do much that could be called "work" (so not all that different from before I left really), but I'm exhausted. Have new-found respect for Husband, who had to do a 9-hour night shift last night and another tonight, after being woken up this morning by both The Baby taking offense at getting dressed, and a JCB doing something to the house next door (God only knows what. No-one lives there or appears to have bought it - it has just been standing empty for months.).

On the bright side, The Silent Koala has updated his blog! And it is Chinese New Year on Sunday. Valentine's Day can go wee up a rope, I am going to see my family and eat until I am very, very round. Think The Baby is too young to have a spring roll?

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