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Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Internets 1 - Cleaning 0

Today I am not being a very Bad Mammy. I've actually done lots of playing with The Baby, reasoning she needs the attention after a weekend of abandonment. However, I am being a very, very Bad Housewife. As this house is inhabitated by a small baby, a woman with a lot of stuff, and a man who doesn't realise that magazines don't live in the centre of the bathroom floor, it usually looks like a bomb has hit it. We can normally contain the mess so it looks like the work of a small-ish petrol bomb, but today it looks like it has been hit with a full-on, giant nuclear warship with Mahmoud Ahmadinejad laughing maniacally at the helm. And I have people coming round for dinner tonight.
So what am I doing instead? Writing my blog, faffing around on facebook, and reading web debates about interracial adoption and borrowing money from your baby's savings account. To be fair, I can't actually leave the living room, as The Baby is asleep on the sofa, because I couldn't be arsed to put her in her cot, and it was my New Year's resolution to stop leaving her unattended on raised surfaces. I'm doing pretty well with this one so far actually. Although yesterday I had her on the sofa next to me, sitting up, and while I was not paying attention (probably on the internet, again) she saw something of interest on the floor, and threw herself forward to have a closer look. Thankfully, this just resulted in her faceplanting the sofa (she wasn't best pleased), and Bad Mammy being reminded once again of the need for CONSTANT VIGILANCE!

She has started to show signs of being able to pull herself up too.... God help me.

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