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Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Fashion Victim

I bought a new pair of trousers today, which I am so not cool enough to wear. I believe they are called "peg" trousers, not to be confused with harem pants, although I'm not 100% sure of what the difference is. I'm not really sure why I bought them, other than the fact they are quite comfy, and I think I wanted to see if they would annoy Husband, as they are one of those fashiony items that men don't get. Sadly, that didn't work as he quite likes them. Unfortunately, I'm not quite sure what to wear them with. I spent a fun half an hour rooting through my wardrobes, and the only things I own that go with them are brown, high heeled lace-up shoes and an animal print cardigan. It looks better than it sounds, in fact it looks very cool and trendy. But I am the mother of an 8-month old baby who (when I go back) works in an office where people are dressed up if they are wearing jeans with only one hole in them. Where am I going to wear this outfit? I think I might look slightly out of place at the soft play at the local leisure centre (as my sister helpfully suggested). I probably should take them back, but I like them, and sometimes it is nice to do things and buy things as a woman, and not as a mammy. I will probably regret this when they are stained with pureed swede.

The Baby has just made a noise like a jet engine. Interesting. She's a bit poorly at the moment, which means she is having occasional bursts of being the demon child from hell. But in between this she is being quite lovely, and quite energetic. She is flinging herself around with alarming enthusiasm, and scrabbling at the carpet in a way that suggests that we may be about to get there with the crawling thing. I'm not sure whether that's a good thing or not.

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