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Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Many Bad Mammy Points Today..

Yup, I've really been racking them up today. As I will always aim to be honest about my Bad Mamminess on here, I will share them with you...
  • The Baby has fallen backwards and hit her head three times, and almost dived off the sofa once.
  • She ate some paper. Now, I know I always say this is one of her favourite past-times, but normally she doesn't actually eat it. Or much anyway. But today, I had given her a magazine to play with, and was tearing the soggiest pages off it every minute or so, but while my back was turned for a brief second, she managed to rip off a big piece with her surprisingly effective gums. I did, of course, try and retrieve it, but she seemed think this was a great game and kept clamping her mouth shut, which was weird. Normally she takes any chance to chew on my finger. By the time she finally opened her mouth, it was gone and I felt terrible. Oh well, at least there's no salt in paper, right?
  • I forgot to give her her mid-afternoon bottle. I had sent her off for a walk with Husband to buy bacon, completely forgetting what time it was, and then wondered why she was whinging when they got back, half an hour after she usually gets fed. She was placated with a blueberry and raspberry rice cake.
  • I made her watch the figure skating with me. It was only the pairs, too, not even anything good.
  • I have ignored her for large portions of the day to play around on the internet. Mainly my favourite parenting website. I have may mentioned it once or twice. This is because, as I finally admitted to myself today, I am completely addicted to it. I DON'T KNOW WHY!!!! The people on it annoy me, they all take it too seriously, I ignore most of the advice that is dished out, and it makes me feel like a terrible parent for not worrying about everything in the world ever. Yet still, I spend hours every day reading things about the lives of people I've never met, and engaging in pointless debates about stupid things, and getting wound up by the people who post every 17 seconds, and call everyone "hunny". How do they even have time to do it? Most of them, by definition, have young children, so what are they doing with them while they are asking everyone's opinion on reality TV, how much milk their baby should be having (about a pint! How many times must you ask the same question??!!!), or what their OH (Other Half) said to them last night. That's another thing - the bloody abbreviations! HD, DD, DS, LO, TTC, BFP, AF, DTD, HTH, TBH, EBF - FO, FFS!!!!! A friend of mine (and you know who you are) emailed me the other day saying she "cba'd" to do something. I may have to stop associating with her.

Phew. Rant over. In order to earn some Good Mammy points tomorrow, I am going to stay off that website for the whole of tomorrow. Oh yes I am. I was considering staying off the internet altogether, but then I couldn't update this, and then where would all 7 of my followers be?! (Hi guys, thanks for reading!)

Right, I'm off to have one last fix before my day of cold turkey...

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