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Sunday, 28 February 2010

Cheeky Baby

This week, The Baby has mostly been being still poorly, and very cheeky. I think she is getting a bit better, but her nose is still running like a tap, meaning all my clothes are getting covered in baby snot, and she is still prone to bursts of coughing like a an old, 50-B&H-a-day man. But in between the poorly, she is being very very mischievous. She's realised how much strength she's got in her legs, and is using them to propel herself backwards when she's lying down. The other night, I went to check on her at 9pm, by which time she is usually fast asleep, only to find her lying at the top of her cot, a toy in her hand and the sheet over her face, shouting "yai yai yai". She's also doing really well with the rolling, but only when there is something like a carrier bag or remote control to her left that she wants to play with. Her grip is coming on nicely too. As our friend's newborn baby found out on Friday, when I laid The Baby next to her to compare their sizes, and she reached out and grabbed a handful of the new baby's beautiful black hair and pulled. Hard. The new baby was not too impressed, and neither was I.

So it's been an exhausting week. This week doesn't promise to be much more relaxing, as we are going to Wales at the weekend, so I need to try and figure out what we need to take, and what I can take on the plane without being accused of trying to blow it up with follow-on milk and porridge.

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