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Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Still all over the place

Things keep going ever so slightly wrong round here this week. On Monday, I tried to make fishcakes for The Baby, again, and failed, again. On Tuesday, I spent a large chunk of the afternoon painting the bathroom. But the rubbish magnolia paint that I was covering up decided it didn't like being replaced, so flounced off in a huff, leaving nice flaky peely bits all over the walls. And today I decided to go swimming an hour before the pool actually opened. And I've just had to get The Baby out of bed and give her a bottle, as she point-blank refused to have it earlier, and screamed as if I was giving her Lipton Yellow Label Tea (surely the worst in existence?) laced with paint stripper.
I am bored of her being ill now, and would like her to be better please. I did take her to the doctor today, but not about her being poorly. The rash on her back, that would probably have had a normal mammy racing to the doctors about 2 weeks ago, turned a very angry shade of red, so I decided that I should probably get it checked out in case it turned out to be leprosy or something. It's not, so that's good.

And I have decided to keep the silly trousers. I am going to start being a yummy mummy. Maybe tomorrow I will even brush my hair.

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  1. We took Tilly swimming today only to find out the bloody pool was closed for a stupid Gala! so we now have to trek back out this afty because I am determined to take the child swimming!