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Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Sleeeeepy. And Shameful.

Too tired to write much tonight, as I hardly slept at all last night. Not at all The Baby's fault though, for once. I had caffeine after 7pm (a whole can of Diet Coke, livin' on the edge, woo!) and then couldn't sleep. (Oh yes, and I went to get out of bed to go downstairs or something, at the same time as Husband woke up in a panic because he thought he had seen a child run across our room. We may have a ghost.)
The Baby decided to mimic my sleep patterns throughout the day, and had a series of 15 minute naps, each of which seemed to leave her slightly grumpier than the one before. Which was fun.

I also seem to have changed her nappy about 35 times today. Her bum has impeccable timing - twice I had put her into a nice clean nappy, only to catch her face screwing up with effort shortly afterwards. The second time it was literally 2 minutes after I had changed her, and the poo was so small, solid (sorry, too much information) and self-contained, that for one brief second, I entertained the thought of just taking it out and putting the still clean nappy back on her, but that was a step too far, even for me. Hear that, Husband?!! (And Social Services, if you're reading). One second! And I didn't do it! I put a fresh nappy on!! He is really aghast at me, and has made me feel like the world's most terrible person. But she has had two homemade meals, a walk in the fresh air, a story and a piece of fresh fruit today. so on balance, I feel I'm doing ok.

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