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Sunday, 14 February 2010

Gong Hee Fat Choi!

Happy New Year everyone! I have, as promised, eaten a mahoosive amount of food, and also brought a fair amount home so I can continue to stuff myself silly for at least two days. Can't help it, my mam makes the best food! We've had a lovely weekend seeing family. The best thing about this is that I can offload The Baby onto any one of a number of besotted relatives the minute I walk in the door. I get a break from walking her round, playing with her, making silly faces, and even the more mundane things like feeding her, as these are still fun novelties for the rest of the family! (Sadly, nappy changing still ends up being mostly mine and Husband's domain. When we remember.)
I've just realised that I have managed to make caring for my child sound like a massive chore. No wonder I'm Bad Mammy! I don't find it a chore really, but if people want to take her off me and take pleasure in looking after her, then who am I to deny them?

Oh dear. The Baby has just thrown herself out of her play ring and brought it down on top of her head. It's ok though, she caught sight of Mickey Mouse and all is well. Mickey Mouse is a total egomaniac, by the way. Everything in his Clubhouse is shaped like his own head. This suggests some kind of unhealthy fixation to me.


  1. Happy New Year chick. Something I notice when the family descends and takes over baby duties is how much faster the time seems to go, when you're by yourself time can drag but when you are baby free it fly's past :-) x

  2. Yup - hence why we forget to change her nappy! We just don't notice the time flying by!