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Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Stupid Mammy!

Ok, so The Baby tends to wake up in the morning with a giant poo in her nappy (I have no idea how such a little person produces so much crap). Lately I have been starting to worry that she might be doing them not long after I've put her to bed, and that I've been leaving her lying in her own filth all night. So last night, in a fit of uncharacteristic conscientiousness, I decided to change her, as I thought I could smell something dubious. The Baby was asleep, and in a vest, sleepsuit, sleeping bag and sheet. Despite my best efforts, and putting my back out trying to change her without getting her out of her cot, she of course woke up and got ridiculously over-excited to see me. She was then awake for about an hour. Entirely unneccessarily, as it turns out the dubious smell was coming from the nappy bin which hasn't been emptied for a while.

I also discovered yesterday that, thanks to a pint/litres fail on my part, I've been using twice as much sterilising solution as I was supposed to. Only been doing it for about 3 months. Oh well, it clearly hasn't done her any harm, apart from perhaps giving her a taste for formula with a strong dash of Milton (other sterilising fluids are available. I think.).

Here's hoping for a less stupid day.

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